India Got 7th Position on Top 10 Richest Country in the World

India Got 7th Position on Top 10 Richest Country in the World

Top 10 Richest Country

A list of the 10 richest countries in the world, India is ranked 7th. Canada (8th), Australia (9th) and Italy (10th) behind us. The New World Wealth ‘(NWW) report, the first position is the US and China on the other. Assessment of a country’s wealth in the report of the people has been based on individual wealth.

Indian Rupees

– PTI news agency, “The New World Wealth,” the report released by the world’s rich countries. Individual Wealth of India 5600 billion (Rs 3.75 lakh billion) is reported.
– Canada 4,700 billion (Rs 3.14 lakh billion), Australia’s 4500 billion (Rs 3.01500 one hundred trillion) and Italy with 4,400 billion (2.94 lakh billion) of the Individual Wealth.
– Individual Wealth of America ranked No. 1 on the list 48 900 billion (Rs 32.76300 one hundred trillion) is.

Japan at Second & China at third 

– China is second in the list of the richest countries. It has 17,400 billion (Rs 11.65 billion) of wealth.
– Japan is third, where 15100 billion (10 million billion) of the Wealth.
– The UK’s fourth 9,200 billion (Rs 6.16 one hundred trillion) of the individual’s wealth.
– Germany 5th (9 thousand 100 billion) and France 6th (6 thousand 600 billion) are on position.

Individual Wealth involved in?

– According to the report, the individual property of the people of the countries concerned, cash, equities (shares) and covers business. Government funds have been taken out of it.
These are due to be in the list of India
– According to the report, India’s inclusion in the list of rich countries because of its large population.
– 2 million of the 20 million population of Australia When we look at the ranking of good can be said.
– It is noted that in the past 12 months, India, Australia and Canada, and Italy overtaken by good growth.
– The report also states that in the last 5 years, the fastest growth in China, which is rich country.