Top Travel Destinations in Uttrakhand

Top Travel Destinations in Uttrakhand

top travel destination in uttarakhand

Uttrakhand also known as “DevBhumi” – the holy land of God and Goddess. This is one of the most beautiful state or location of India in north area. In ancient days, it was an integrated part of Utter Pradesh (UP). Later during the year 2000, it was extracted from U.P. as an independent state on November 2, 2000. Uttrakhand came into existence after being nominated in top travel destinations in India. It was also considered by international tourism board for most beautiful, secured and worth-remembering place for tour and travel vacations.

Top Travel Attraction Uttrakhand

There are various locations which have better attraction for local travelers as well as foreigners. From sight scenery to water fall, safari to trekking, tours to hotels, ice valley to soft grass valley everything you can get right there that too just as you imaging in your dreams and mind. The top locations which you would like to know and wish to travel with deep exploration of the journey, climate, culture and more.


Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful and most holy cities where all god and goddess reside. There are number of temples that are decorated everyday and have in used for worship every morning to evening to call upon the Lord Shiva. Many people from abroad come here and tend to cloister after realizing the truth worship. Travelling to Rishikesh is just like to reach heaven. This city is located near around Ganga River.


Neelkanth is most beautiful location near around Rishikesh about 10 km. The way going to Neelkanth is by Cab or taxi. This is narrow way where big vehicles are avoided to drive. It is an amazing location known for Lord Shiva temple and picnic spot. You can find water fall also on the way. You can travel also by bike or bicycle to make your trip more advanced and unique. Capturing sight scenes becomes sound interesting while travelling over there.


Mussoorie is one of the most valley and city that is known among global tourism and travelers. You must visit here during summer and winter seasons both, because all seasons are appropriate to travel. From trekking to sky diving, water fall to sightseeing destination all you find in this city. That’s why it has been considered as one of the best Uttrakhand’s tourist places. Mussoorie is about 17 km from Dehradun. You can travel over there through bus, cabs, personal vehicle, bikes or bicycles. Travelling becomes most entertaining during rainy season. So just make a trip to travel here. You will get affordable travel plan from any tour and travel company.

Heaven Meets here


Chamba is a small town or city in Tehri garhwal that is considered as market hub for all those villages which are relied on daily shopping. This amazing place can be taken into knowledge if you are travelling from Tehri to Rishikesh or Srinagar. Here are beautiful homes, schools, College, shops and attractions which allows everyone to stay there for a long while.


In present, Tehri is also known as Tehri Garhwal district or New Tehri. Due to the Dam’s flood, the old Tehri and nearby villages were relocated to new location which then reformed as New Tehri. This new city relocated in such a way that anyone can easily attract to it. Various people from all around India travel here and make their holidays more special with family and friends.


Uttarkashi is located in Tehri Garhwal riverbank of “Bhagirathi”. This hurt touching place is consisted with the “Varunavat Parvat” – A summit which is stood to spread the prosperity and clean climate to the entire city. There are nearest locations where you can travel with the types of vehicles because to walk around there it doesn’t matter whether you have vehicle or not. So enjoy trip to Uttarkahsi and nearest locations.


Pauri is also known as Pauri Garhwal and hill station that covers various villages, markets, schools, colleges and forest departments. This city is situated in top of the summit where winter season is approached by all travelers to have fun during rain with ice. Here you can go for worshiping in Kandoliya temple that is an ancient place where gods used to stay. Here are private schools, government schools, colleges, HNB campus and most amazing picnic spots where every evening waits for those who really believe in travelling around there. Travelling becomes most important here because Uttrakhand is mostly known by Pauri location.


Srinagar is a beautiful town located near Alaknanda River. This has attractive beauty from all around its nearest locations. It covers pauri and tehri garhwal’s small cities like Kirtinagar, Chauras, Srikoat, Bhaktiyana, Ufalda and Bilkedar. Srinagar is also known as hub for HNB University campus, medical college, government hospitals, festivals & functions, educational activities, Wedding event organizing, picnic tours and other shopping activities. The beautifulness of this town is enhanced and maintained by Srinagar government authority. Many travelers come here to spend their holiday vacations and some special days. The season from June to September is perfect to travel here. Many affordable hotels are available by the private organizations in order to arrange the stay for all upcoming visitors.


Khirshu a picnic spot that is consist of a small village. It is about 12Km from Pauri city where anybody can reach through their own vehicles, cabs and buses. The route from Pauri to Khirshu is really awesome to explain because while travelling there are most amazing scenery of Nanda Devi summit and its concerned valley that is covered by ice during the winter season specially. The perfect time to travel over there is November to end of March. Schedule your worth remembering trips to Khirshu and have fun of natural heaven created by the nature.


Chopta is like a heaven that is located in Chamoli district about 120 Km from Rishikesh. Chopta is famous for its beautiful locations, trips, trekking, bugyal (small soft green grass) and rainy season. Many tourists come here and start their journey of travelling by having experience of natural beauty.


As I have mentioned in another blog of Uttrakhand‘s most beautiful locations, the Auli has been marked as perfect destination in India for all worldwide tourists.


Tungnath is a holy place for worshiping the God “Shiva” but with the name called Tungnath itself. This place is too beautiful to visit. You can make your trip at any time without any objection.


Like Haridwar, Kotdwar is also another door of entering to Uttrakhand. There are various holy places for worshiping, Siddhbali and Devi Durga’s temaple. You can see elephants, dears and monkeys in majority.


Harshil is one of the best places in Uttrakhand where nature has provided the gifts in term of beautiful valley, hills, land of spongy grass and rivers. The movie “Ram Teri Ganga Maili” shooting was also done in its beautiful locations. That’s why the song “Husn pahaadon kaa” is concerned with the striking hills.